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Mr. Hayes you are one adorable guy

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Hey I’ve seen that face before

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A lot of celebrities love their fans, but the cool thing about Hunter is, he seems to genuinely care about us. And when I say care I don’t mean, care about how many people like him or care about how many fans he has or care about how many girls he has all over him, he just genuinely seems to care about us as individuals. How cool is that?

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DSC9251 by countrymusictattletale on Flickr.

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Hunter Hayes by KlarisaScott on Flickr.

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Hunter Hayes talks about introducing Ronnie Milsap at the CMHOF

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He is such a cute little dork

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I’d give anything to be the girl next to him. I’d give anything for a few jealous looks from other people. I’d give anything to be adorable with him. I’d give anything to hold his hand through the good and the bad times. I’d give anything to be able to kiss his lips, hear him sing everyday, watch his fingers fly on the guitar. I’d give anything for him to steal my heart.

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